Partner disclosure

Earth Loving Treats Partner Compensation Disclosure

As part of our commitment to transparency, Earth Loving Treats provides the following Partner Compensation Disclosure to inform our audience about financial relationships with certain partners.

  • Affiliate Links: When you click on affiliate links to partner products on our website and make a purchase, Earth Loving Treats may receive compensation from the partner offering the product.
  • Sponsored Content: Content featuring partner products may not always be explicitly labeled but may include paid or sponsored material for which Earth Loving Treats receives compensation.
  • Third-Party Advertisements: Clicking on third-party advertisements on our website may result in Earth Loving Treats receiving compensation from the third party, regardless of whether a purchase is made.

We strive to maintain integrity in our content, providing honest opinions and experiences regarding the products and services featured on our site. Our goal is to offer valuable insights while promoting sustainability.

Please note that our partner list is not exhaustive and may change over time.

Thank you for your trust and support as we work towards a greener and more conscious future.

Earth Loving Treats, 2023