How to reuse your Earth Loving Sustainable Traktaties

If you received Earth Loving sustainable traktaties or if you are thinking on buying some (thanks in advance). You should know that they are the result of tons of love for children and nature.

The Earth Loving traktatie you have in hand or plan to buy contain the next materials and was thought to enhance children creativity, fine motor and cognitive skills.

Materials in the ELT sustainable traktaties

  • tinplate or cotton
  • wood
  • paper
  • eco-stickers
  • jute

They are not just thought to provide your child with some fun, learning and creative time; but also meant to show how to reuse materials and avoid waste in a very simple way.

Let’s start with some tips!

Bee Conscious DIY clay box


You can reuse your Earth loving traktaties anywhere home

If you received the Bee Conscious DIY clay box please note that the metal cutter is not only meant to play with clay, that is to say that it can be also used both, to cut cookie dough and to make cute sandwiches.

The tinplate container –which by the way is food safe and BPA free– can be use to store the clay you’ll make with the recipe you’ll find by scanning the QR code on the label. But not only, for instance it is also useful to store a bunch of other things:

In your kitchen

  • tea
  • dried fruit
  • seeds
  • cereals

For lunch time at school

  • cookies
  • dried fruit
  • or even a small sandwich

In your child’s room

It is perfect to store some small toys and personal belongings such as watches, bracelets or hair bands.

Other uses at home

Cotton buds fit perfectly!

Earth Loving traktaties

If you received a traktatie in a cotton bag, you can reuse the cotton bag of your traktatie to store:

  • seeds
  • pasta
  • jewellery
  • cereals
  • dried fruit
  • and even your sunglasses!
Earth Loving traktaties

As you see there are many ways to reuse to reduce waste. According to the European Commission the amount of waste generated in the EU is growing, now standing at around 3 billion tonnes a year. In the EU as a whole, only 40% of household waste is currently reused or recycled.

If you have any other idea on how to reuse the materials of your traktaties please let me know! I would be very happy to hear about it.

Sustainable traktaties