JOIN the plastic-free PARTY!

Celebrating birthdays is beautiful and fun, but unfortunately most of the birthday goodies and decorations are not good at all for our planet.

According to the European Commission, plastic toys, plastic wrappers and balloons are part of the 10 most commonly found single-use plastic items on European beaches.

We think it is time to make a change. Are you with us?


Most popular plastic-free items for traktaties

The plastic problem in numbers


of rubbish in the sea found on Europe’s beaches is plastic


of EU rubbish in the sea consist of single-use plastic

EUR 13 billion a year

of damage of global marine ecosystem is caused by plastic

EUR 630 million a year

losses caused by plastic to European tourism and coastal communities

No more plastic to the ocean or landfill after a child’s birthday

Curated products for plastic-free birthdays

Discover our guide with ideas and products to make plastic-free birthday parties. Would you like to be feature? Let us know!